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Bonjour! Hello! Mbote! Habari!
Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!
My Name is Dolly. I am a professional published Model, Blogger, Freelance Writer, Influencer and sometimes Event Planner residing in Los Angeles, CA. I was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country in Central Africa. I am a double degree holder in Accounting and Management and fluent in English, French and Lingala. I am also a work at home  mommy to an amazing and handsome 5 year old son!

I love Food, Fashion, Thrifting, Music and of course taking Photos. Few of my favorite hobbies are Reading, Writing, Cooking, Singing (in my shower) and Walking.
I started this blog as a journal of my Outfits of the day and it quickly stopped being just a hobby and turned into a semi full time thing.

My blog has allowed me to connect with awesome people and work with many amazing brands that I am thankful for.  I have also attended great events in some of LA's hotspots and networked with other influencers in the industry

Through this blog, I would like to showcase that: 'It's not always who you're wearing that matters, but rather how you're wearing it.'  Because I am an avid thrifter, I come across a ton of  unique, vintage pieces that can't necessarily be found at the mall and I love for it! And there's something very fulfilling about giving a modern touch to an outmoded piece of clothing. So I want to encourage my readers to feel confident and own their personal style; because at the end of the day it is PERSONAL. If you like something, wear it and make sure it fits you the way you want it to. In the words of Coco Chanel:"Fashion changes but Style endures." So rock whatever you want and don't let the labels scare you!
I also provide styling tips and words of encouragement and am thinking about including more family/mom related topics in addition to fashion. Suggestions and Ideas are definitely welcome.

The Blog  has been  featured in  online magazines such as FashionBuzztv as well as  SheRunsItMAg and I have  collaborated  with local and intenational brands as well as photographer.

I am open for Modeling (Print, Commercial and Runway), Brand Ambassadorships, Product Peviews, Giveaways, Sponsorships and Advertising.  DO NOT hesitate to contact me at ethnikculture@gmail.com to discuss in what ways we can partner up and how I can better reach your goals.

Thanks for stopping by and  reading my blog –I hope you’ll stay awhile!


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